Development Programs

Achieve your goals with a Minds Coach

Achieve your goals with a Minds Coach

What is a  Development Program?

A development program is a structured relationship between a coach (an experienced or accredited professional) and a participant. The coach provides guidance, support, and encouragement to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights. Our development programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs, with regular check-ins and progress tracking. The purpose of a development program to help get you where you need to be to achieve your goals!

Benefits of Development
Choose Your Type of Development

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer three types of development programs:

  1. Professional eSports (Video Games) Development: Perfect for gamers who want to improve their skills and become a professional gamer. Our experienced eSports coaches are highly skilled eSports professionals, streamers and experts in technical play. They provide guidance on gameplay, strategy, and teamwork.
  2. Youth Development: Designed for young individuals who need guidance and support in achieving their goals. Our youth coaches are accredited professionals who will provide a safe and supportive environment to explore goals, aspirations, and challenges.
  3. Adult Development: Ideal for adults who want to overcome challenges, achieve personal growth, and develop new skills. Our adult coaches are accredited professionals who will provide guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way.
The Minds Coach

A Minds Coach is either a university qualified therapist such as an accredited counsellor or a highly experienced eSports professional game master. All counsellors are registered and accredited through ACA or PACFA and must also be a proficient gamer too in order to provide development. All coaches have a WWCC clearance.

Accessible and Affordable for all mental capacities

All Minds Support Network services are priced based on the latest available NDIS funding. As such our Counselling Services are affordable for anyone and everyone whether that be through funding or choosing to pay privately.

How it works?

  1. Choose your type of development program
  2. We’ll match you with a suitable coach
  3. Set goals and objectives with your coach
  4. Create a plan with your coach
  5. Regular check-ins and progress tracking
  6. Ongoing support and guidance
  7. Achieve your goals!

Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced professionals who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. They have a deep understanding of their field and are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment.

Accessible and Affordable

Our development programs are priced based on the latest available funding, making them accessible and affordable for everyone.

Cost for a Minds 1:1 Development Program

$156.16 per 1 hour development session


  • A private experienced professional coach
  • A crafted flexible plan personalised for you
  • Plan adjustments to allow for goal-achievements
  • Regular check-ins and on-going support
  • NDIS reports available upon request (surcharge)

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