Minds Workshops

Workshops in Fandom, Pop Culture and Unique Services in a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio

Workshops in Fandom, Pop Culture and Unique Services in a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio

What is a MindWorkshops

A minds workshop is a structured relationship between an accredited therapist and a participant. The etherapist provides guidance, support, and encouragement to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights. Our minds workshop programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs, with regular check-ins and progress tracking. The purpose of a minds workshop program to help get you where you need to be to achieve your goals!

eSports Development Program

Perfect for gamers who want to improve their skills and become a professional gamer. Our experienced eSports coaches are highly skilled eSports professionals, streamers and experts in technical play. They provide guidance on gameplay, strategy, and teamwork.

*eSports Development programs are ran by a professional Game-Master

Youth Development Program

Designed for young individuals who need guidance and support in achieving their goals. Our youth coaches are accredited professionals who will provide a safe and supportive environment to explore goals, aspirations, and challenges.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Adult Development Program

Ideal for adults who want to overcome challenges, achieve personal growth, and develop new skills. Our adult coaches are accredited professionals who will provide guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Harry Potter Discussion and Roleplay

Calling all witches and wizards! Dive deep into the magical world of Harry Potter with Minds Support Network’s engaging discussions and roleplay sessions. Explore your favorite characters, delve into intricate plotlines, and debate the mysteries of Hogwarts.

Feeling adventurous? Participate in roleplay sessions, bringing the magic of Harry Potter to life in a collaborative and stimulating environment. Whether you’re a seasoned Potterhead or just discovering the wonder of the wizarding world, this program offers a welcoming space to connect with fellow fans and celebrate the magic of Harry Potter.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Star Wars Discussion and Roleplay

May the Force be with you at Minds Support Network’s Star Wars discussion and roleplay program! Join a community of passionate fans to dissect iconic moments, debate the fate of the Jedi, and explore the vast Star Wars universe.

Feeling called to a galaxy far, far away? Engage in thrilling roleplay sessions, where you can embody your favorite characters and shape the destiny of the Force alongside fellow enthusiasts.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Drawing, Art and Expression

Unleash your inner artist at Minds Support Network’s Drawing, Art and Expression program! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, this program offers a supportive environment to explore various artistic mediums.

Choose from individual sessions to hone your skills at your own pace, or join a social art group to connect with fellow creative minds and gain valuable feedback.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Tutoring and Education Assistance

Need a helping hand with your studies? Minds Support Network offers personalized tutoring and educational assistance to bridge knowledge gaps and boost your academic confidence.

Our team of experienced tutors can help with various subjects, ensuring you have the tools and understanding to succeed in school.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Social Skills and Dating Etiquette (18+ only)

Mastering the art of social interaction can be daunting, but Minds Support Network is here to help! Our Social Skills and Dating Etiquette program (for adults 18+) provides a supportive and confidential environment to develop strong social skills and navigate the intricacies of dating etiquette.

Learn effective communication strategies, build confidence in social settings, and gain valuable insights into navigating the world of dating.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Reading, Storytelling and Book Discussion

Calling all bookworms! Minds Support Network’s Reading, Storytelling and Book Discussion program fosters a love for literature and connects you with fellow bibliophiles.

Join a vibrant reading group, delve into captivating stories, and engage in stimulating discussions about your favorite novels. Unleash your inner storyteller and participate in interactive storytelling sessions, where you can weave fantastical tales and connect with others who share your passion for the written word.

*Ran by an Accredited Therapist

Professional Services

Preparing for school? Maybe a special occasion? Or simply you would like to master the skills of professionalism. Minds Support Network understands the importance of feeling prepared for life’s important moments. Our Professional Services workshop equips you with the skills and confidence to excel in formal occasions and school.

We’ll help you with etiquette, conversation, and preparation to help you with your new challenge!

Benefits of the Workshops
The Minds Coach

A Minds Coach is either a university qualified therapist such as an accredited counsellor or a highly experienced eSports professional game master. All counsellors are registered and accredited through ACA or PACFA and must also be a proficient gamer too in order to provide development. All coaches have a WWCC clearance.

Accessible and Affordable for all mental capacities

All Minds Support Network services are priced based on the latest available NDIS funding. As such our Counselling Services are affordable for anyone and everyone whether that be through funding or choosing to pay privately.

How it works?

  1. Choose your workshop along with any other interests or games you have
  2. We’ll match you with a suitable eTherapist
  3. Set goals and objectives with your eTherapist
  4. Create a plan together
  5. Regular check-ins and progress tracking
  6. Ongoing support and guidance
  7. Achieve your goals!

Our Coaches

Our coaches are experienced professionals who are passionate about helping others achieve their goals. They have a deep understanding of their field and are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment.

Accessible and Affordable

Our development programs are priced based on the latest available funding, making them accessible and affordable for everyone.

Cost for a Minds Workshops

All Workshops are available on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. For more information on this please visit our counselling and play-dates page.

1:1 ratio – $156.16 hourly
2:1 ratio – $79 hourly

You can choose to do a workshop by yourself, or with others.

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