Do we have all your information?

So your first session is coming up soon and you are wondering what you need to do? Rest easy as we discuss that here. By now you should have:

  1. Completed your service request / referral document with as much information as possible
  2. Supplied us with the device ID and the gamer ID of the participant written in the service request
  3. Our team should have already been in touch in regards your allocated session / day / times / duration etc.
  4. Your allocated Online Worker will have been in touch to introduce themselves. If they haven’t this happens usually 24 hours before the session.
If your session is within 2 hours from its start time and you have not heard from your Online Worker yet, please call head office 0489 922 392 asap.
Preparing for the first session

Once we have all your information, your session scheduled and your OSW or OGC allocated, its time to prepare for your session!

We primarily communicate through a service called Discord. We recommend the participant joining the Minds Support Network Discord account before the session. 

This can be done here:

Once you have joined can you please make sure:

  1. You can login into your gaming device and allocated game with ease and that there are no updates pending
  2. There are no issues with your headset (microphone and headphones)
Our Online Workers guide you

If your session starts in a few hours, your Online Worker will already have been in contact and given you further instructions if needed. They also would have added you to the game using your device ID and gamer ID (Gamertag). 

They will guide you what to do next and would have already planned out something fun for the session.

The session will be inline with previously discussed areas of focus working towards the goals of the participant. This information is saved in your service request and is accessible by the Online Worker.

During the session the Online Worker will fill out a report that you (parent / support team) will have access to on our company Google Drive.

Internet / logging on technical difficulties

Here are some common problems and the process to follow to ensure a smooth and successful session.

  1. Make sure your gaming device is updated to the latest version and that there are no pending updates.
  2. Make sure the game you have chosen to play has also been updated and that there are no pending updates. These can often be large files which can take hours to download so please ensure this is done at least 24 hours before the session
  3. If you do not have internet, please turn off the modem, disconnect from the power socket, wait 5 seconds, and plug back in. Wait 10 minutes for it to reboot, and try logging on again on your gaming device
  4. If you still can’t logon, please turn off your gaming device, unplug from the wall, wait 5 seconds, and plug back in and turn on the gaming device, and try logging on again
  5. Are your login details correct?
Sound, console or controller issues
  1. Make sure your headset is correctly setup. On PC/Laptop you can choose in the sound settings where you would like to hear sound. Please make sure for both the microphone and sound that you select the headset you are using
  2. If you are using a wireless headset, please make sure that this connected to the device, and is also fully charged
  3. If you are using a laptop, please make sure this is fully charged or plug it into a power socket. If you are using something like a Nintendo Switch, please make sure this is fully charged so that the session doesn’t end prematurely due to power loss.
  4. Make sure all wireless controllers are fully charged or connected to the console or gaming device
Still having issues? Follow this process

In order to resolve the issues as quickly as possible please follow these steps in order

  • Explain the issue to your Online Worker via Discord, Email or Phone. They can often fix common issues and guide you what to do next.
  • Contact Minds Support Network head office directly on 0489 922 392