Fortnite Therapy

Fortnite is a popular online multiplayer game featuring a battle royale mode where up to 100 players compete to be the last one standing, and a creative mode where you can build and design your own worlds and battle arenas.

With Fortnite counseling, you can anticipate engaging in gameplay sessions with an accredited counsellor, where the focus is on addressing personal challenges, developing skills, and building a trusting therapeutic relationship within the familiar and interactive environment of the game.

In Fortnite therapy, you can expect to engage in gameplay while having 1:1 sessions with a counsellor, who will use the gaming experience to help you work through personal challenges and develop important skills like problem-solving and communication.

Benefits of Fortnite Therapy
Choose your type of therapy

Gaming Therapy (Counselling) sessions are ran by an Accredited Game Therapist who is also a qualified and accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Social Worker. Ideal for those looking to improve mental health and work towards their goals.

Play-Dates are led by an Accredited Therapist.  Also sessions have one eTherapist per participant who cater to the specific support of the participant. These can be counsellors, psychotherapists, professional gamers, and other allied health professionals.

Development Programs are ran by a collaboration of specific professionals who cater to the specific requirements of the participant in a flexible structure. These can be counsellors, psychotherapists, professional gamers, and other allied health professionals.

Minds Support Network eTherapists

All ‘eTherapists’ are registered with their appropriate governing bodies and have the correct clearances to provide therapy. Each have their necessary education and unique experience in a background of their discipline. Each ‘eTherapist’ works towards set goals and focuses set by the participant and their support team (parents, family, guardian, carer, support coordinator etc.)

Accessible and Affordable

All Minds Support Network services are priced based on the latest available funding. As such our gaming programs are affordable for everyone!

Private Sessions & Ages

ALL SESSIONS are private and conducted 1-on-1 via an eTherapist.

  • Children Aged 7 > 17
  • Adults of any age

Session Times

Sessions run during the day, nights and on weekends all year long. This includes during school hours, after school and during holidays. Simply select your preferences during registration.


Participant must already have an Xbox, PlayStation, Switch or PC plus a strong internet connection and any online multiplayer subscription necessary to play the required game online with others.

Cost for Gaming Therapy

Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour for counselling, speech and occupational therapies. There is a 2 hour minimum for supportive gaming. All sessions can be extended up to 4 hours with breaks in-between.

Gaming Therapy with an Accredited Therapist (1:1)

  • $156.16 per hour

Play-Dates (1:1)

  • $156.16 per hour


Workshops (1:1)

  • $156.16 per hour

Set-up, Technical Issues & Reporting

Online games require occasional setup, especially when joining for the first time. Internet dropouts or technical issues may also occur. Our eTherapist takes notes during sessions to align with your therapy goals, which is factored into the session duration. A small portion of each session will be spent on these necessary activities.

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